Open data in the Public Administration

Public data accessible to everyone

"Public data accessible to everyone, without restrictions or access costs: this is open data, an innovative approach that aims at making the public administration more transparent, encouraging it to provide the population with the huge amount of data it possesses, in order to facilitate the circulation of information and the participation of citizens in public life. Open data is being progressively adopted – sometimes on an experimental basis – by the Italian Public Administration. But what do the Italians think about this new method of managing information? What is its perceived potential and are there any critical aspects? And above all, when we speak of open data, do we really understand what we are talking about? Since the beginning of 2014 to date, around 600 thousand online posts have been written on the topic in Italy providing different confirmations, as well as some surprises”.

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22 February 2013 4:16:18 PM | 0 Comments

Florence, a cutting-edge municipality.

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The agenda proposed by Italian engineers for returning the country’s economy to growth includes also a greater use of open data in the public sector.

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Thanks to a partnership between the San Francisco and New York public authorities and Yelp, restaurant reviews on the website now also include health inspection data