About Enel Open Data

Enel has decided to begin a new journey that will allow the sharing of corporate data to grasp the spirit and opportunities that the “Open Data” movement spread throughout the United States and the United Kingdom is offering to the business world.

We operate in a scenario marked by the massive spreading of digital technologies and the need to reconfigure the modalities in which we communicate and relate with companies, institutions and citizens.

In this context, we believe that the “open” sharing of corporate data can:

  • improve the market in which we operate, accelerating the confrontation between the companies competing in the liberalised energy market and supporting the decision-making processes inside and outside our company;
  • increase transparency, giving greater visibility to our activity and making the dialogue with citizens, institutions and local authorities more involving. Sharing economic and financial data and other information regarding corporate sustainability means increasing participation and fully facing the great challenges of the energy generation market in Italy and in the world;
  • favour technological innovation that represents a major drive for the country’s economic growth. Making corporate data available means encouraging the development and spreading of new applications, mash-ups and viewing systems capable of improving important aspects of our daily life and that can help us face the issues associated with environmental sustainability.

With these objectives in mind we implemented the data.enel.com projectthat will share the first data-sets regarding Enel, organising information into two groups: economic and financial data and sustainability data.

Content can be downloaded in Excel, CSV and XML formats and will soon be available in Google Fusion Tables to enable the re-processing and visualisation with Google applications.

Creative CommonsUnless otherwise indicated, all contents of this website are subject to the Creative Commons license - Attribution - version 3.0. license.

You can send comments, report mistakes or make suggestions on the project’s development by using the Social channels in EnelSharing or at the following web page www.enel.com/it-IT.

Terms of use

Creative CommonsUnless otherwise indicated, all contents of this website are subject to the Creative Commons license - Attribution - version 3.0.

Specifically, the content of this website can be freely copied, diffused, forwarded and adjusted to be integrated into other products and/or services, provided that the source data.enel.com is mentioned and that the following limitations are observed:

  • the logo of Enel or any other company within the Enel Group can never be used;
  • the use of any content does not imply Enel’s agreement or approval for their use, and Enel declines responsibility for such contents.

The latter is only a summary of the conditions for using web contents, so please read the terms of the license that govern their diffusion.